What to Pack for your Summer Getaway

Let’s face it—nobody likes packing for vacation. What if it’s hotter than you expected, and you forgot to bring a dress or skirt? Or if you didn’t bring enough socks? Now your suitcase is too heavy and you’ve got to decide what you don’t really need. We’ve put together a quick and easy guide to packing for vacation, so you can focus on relaxing and getting some fresh air instead of worrying that you left something behind.

First, check the forecast for your destination! Make a list for yourself with all the weather-appropriate essentials—don’t forget your toiletries, undergarments, bathing suit, and shoes—and make sure you pack only the necessities. The trick to packing light is to only bring what you need, without adding "what ifs" to your luggage.

Try to pack items you can mix and match easily. Stick with one color family that you love. Feel free to mix patterns within the same color family, and don’t follow the outdated “never mix prints!” idea. If all of your clothing colors coordinate, it will be easier to make a fresh new outfit out of the same pieces. Pack more tops than bottoms, as those get dirtier easier. If you love color, use a couple of items as accent pieces, like a colorful necklace or a great tank top for layering. If your colors coordinate, you will never have to wear the same combo twice.

As far as making efficient use of your packing space, you will need a few staple wardrobe pieces. Collared button down shirts are versatile pieces that can be worn day or night for a touch of class. Make sure to pack a dress or two—they are an entire outfit in one piece, while combining style and functionality. A nice dress will take you from exploring gardens to dinner downtown and doesn't take up too much space in your bag. A chic t-shirt is the right mix of comfort and style—especially if you step it up with a cropped version or one with beading or embroidery details. Flowy pants are a super trendy item that allows for maximum comfort in the summer heat. 

Once you’ve decided on what you’re bringing, you need to pack efficiently. The best way is to roll softer garments and fold stiffer ones. T-shirts, as well as non-denim pants and shorts should be folded in half and then rolled, while heavier/stiffer items like sweaters and jeans should be folded. Stick socks into your bigger shoes and tuck shoes and flip flops into corners. Bring at least one piece of jewelry that can dress up your looks—this can go into your toiletries case or slipped into a pair of shoes. Always make the most of the space you have! Leave no nook or cranny empty, and you’ll really maximize the space inside a small bag. You can always leave a bit of room before you leave so you have space for a few souvenirs on your way home. Now you’re ready for an amazing vacation!

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