Walter Baker: A Quick Peek into the Mind of One of Fashions Most Refreshing Designers

Is there a particular routine that you go through in order to draw inspiration?

I would say that I go through a pretty similar routine all the time. I like to walk the streets, go see what girls are wearing, that always helps inspire me. I also come up with a theme every season on some sort of vacation I took…I just start thinking.

How do you remain original and creative in a world that is dominated by trends and whats hot?

What makes me different is that I create the trends, and I create what’s hot. People follow me, I don’t follow the trends.

Have you ever passed on something that you really believed in because you felt that it wouldnt be accepted by the masses?

Of course, I only design things for my line that I believe will be important to most women, and that covers most ranges because there are so many different types of women and things that they like. Everybody has a different attitude and everybody has a different like, everybody has a different desire. So, it covers pretty much everything.

What kind of role does social media play in todays fashion? Do you believe that theres a growing importance?

Yes, I think it’s very important. I think that everybody is talking to everybody through social media and touching base through the Internet and making sure that they see what’s the latest and the greatest. I think that’s why trends are changing so fast, it’s such a fast-paced environment.

What advice can you give to aspiring designers on how to make it?

Anybody starting out right now has a huge road ahead of them. The design world is really phenomenal, making beautiful clothes for beautiful women is something I love to do. And anybody who wants to do that has an opportunity, and if they work hard, [in the] right place, [at the] right time, the sky is the limit. They could really do a lot of great stuff.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned to date?

That you need to work hard to make things happen.

With the designers that you see dominating the fashion world right now, what do you think they all have in common? 

They’re all young and edgy, and they have a really great attitude, and they’re coming up with really fun clothes to wear.

What would you consider the defining moment of your career? 

I would say, the first time I was in the window at Bergdorf Goodman. It was very exciting, I had a personal appearance in the store and we exploded. Our business went through the roof.

Do you still get nervous when you debut new work? 

No, I always know that not every single thing you put on the line is going to be a home run. But most of them have been very well received and people love it. So, I don’t get nervous.

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