Style Gems from Walter Baker

When we think about fashion today, we think about celebrities, social media stars and influencers. So, what is it about these people that make them so successful? What is that people find so polarizing? If you ever wondered what its like to enter the fashion world or you just need some insight about how to stand out, check out these style gems from Walter Baker.

The designer indicates that whats needed most is something that you cant just pick up at the mall. Having confidence is key when it comes to grabbing the attention of your audience. What people love about influencers and bloggers and stuff like that is that they are very inspirational, they have a great attitude, a big smile on their face and they’re happy,” he states.

Spontaneity is also key when it comes to building a great feed and gaining more followers. “They look great in whatever they put on and they’re taking pictures in random places,” he points out. “What I think people love about it the most is that it’s just random. They stop on the street and they take a picture and then boom, the next thing you know, is they got this amazing look with an outfit and a pair of shoes – and it’s outrageous…a jacket and a blouse and just the whole package is very inspirational.”

Influencers are progressively earning respect in the marketing world, and companies are turning to them to market their products. When you think about it, they all have great style that they’re turning into a significant and steady stream of income. “All the girls all over the country and all over the world really look up to these girls, they all want to look like that and they want to be like that, and it’s great, it’s really great. I think it’s amazing,” he declares.

Not everyone wants to be “Instafamous,” but most of us want to look and feel great on a regular day. What are the style essentials?  It seems as though nothing has changed since Breakfast at Tiffanys, “I think that she has to feel confident in herself and wake up in the morning positive and feeling really great about what’s going to happen that day. Then, she just has to get dressed and put on a pretty outfit, and put on some nice shoes and a nice bag and fix her hair – and feel like a million dollars,” he suggests. “Just try and stay current, be positive and always look for that extra touch to make your outfit look amazing.”

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